Professional Development

A. Co-organizer for a Regional Meeting.  I was a co-organizer for the 20th annual Southeastern Regional Yeast Meeting (SERYM) when it was held at UAB in March of 2013.  SERYM is an annual meeting of approximately 100 scientists who study yeast. One of the major goals for SERYM is to give undergraduate and graduate trainees an opportunity to present their scientific research. This opportunity is usually not available at large national or international meetings. My roles as co-organizer were to develop and maintain the SERYM 2013 website, e-mail announcements to attendees, make the meeting booklet, organize poster and oral presentation judges and design the logo. I was the first post-doc to serve on the organizing committee in the 20 years of SERYM meetings. This exemplifies my dedication to research teaching and service to the school.


 B. Teaching Workshops at National IRACDA meetings.  At the national Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award (IRACDA) meetings I participated in workshops on how to do pedagogical research, incorporating research into lectures, inquiry based learning and other similar topics.

C. GRD705 Teaching at the Undergraduate Level. I took a semester-long course on teaching at the undergraduate level. Topics included different pedagogical approaches, assessment tools, active learning, diversity and the brain. The course culminated in the designing of a hypothetical course.

D. GRD716 Developing a Teaching Portfolio. I took a summer course to guide me through writing my teaching portfolio.

E. Earned my CIRTL Associate certificate. CIRTL stands for the Center for the integration of research, teaching and learning. It is a professional development network that trains STEM teachers. Here is some information on what it means to be a CIRTL Associate.


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